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The first live streaming video broadcasting platform
dedicated to the detection of football‘s talents

Optimize the recruitment process

For Scouts, Agents and Players


  • Networking

    You want a new challenge abroad or joining a better national club, SIL is the first platerform to show directly your talents to Scouts worldwide. Alone players can finding agent and be scouted, while agents can show their portfolio of players to Scouts and recover new talents.

  • Skills and Stats

    Begin by filling out the player’s resume, stats and others informations about his skills. And then publish one or many videos to show a real glimpse of his level.

  • Broadcast your live video

    Broadcast a live video to be supervised by our team to certify your statistics and then schedule a live broadcast with a Scout to show your player’s actual level. Your talents are now quikly visible.


  • Data and Stats

    Data, players stats and reports are  available to give you specific informations about the player. A dynamic advanced search tool help you to sort according to your criteria. The SIL market place allow you to watch players who are interested in your country’s league.

  • Video database

    Watch various skills videos or entire match of the player in order to have a glimpse about his talent. You can to download for Video Analysis.

  • Live video

    Are you interested in a player? No need to travel! Inform the player or his agent of your interest and watch him evolve during a live video match. Send your confidential documents from a dedicated and secure space.

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Data and video-driven decisions

A tool dedicated to actors of footballers recruitment, whether professional or amateur. Recruiters gain access to a marketplace fueled by the announcements and recommendations of the various actors. Broadcast live video and instant messaging will simplify contact between recruiters and athletes for an optimized process.