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Find a club thanks to quality relationships

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Share your matchs live at any given moment.


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SIL boosts the recruitment process

Create your network

Looking for a new challenge abroad, SIL is the platform that will show your talents directly to recruiters from clubs around the world. Players can find an agent and be detected. The agents show their players to scouts and discover new football talents.

Broadcast matchs live

Broadcast the player’s matchs live, and show his skills to club’s scouts of every levels. Player talents are now quickly visible. Detection and recruitment opportunities of the player are now during all the season and in the offseason.

Valued skills

Fill in the player’s informations, characteristics and statistics. After your first match live, SIL and Scouts can valued his skills and determinate your mental, physical, technical and tactical attributes.


Create your SIL account to fill in your profile


Download SILMe to record and broadcast your matchs live

Mobile App for broacasting of football matchs live on Scout In Live SIL

SILMe, your live video broadcasting mobile solution

2 to 3 days before you broadcast your match live, create an event on SIL in the dedicated section.

It will allow recruiters to be aware of your upcoming broadcast.

With SILMe, start recording the player from your smartphone or tablet.

The match live is automatically broadcasted to your SIL channel.

The match’s video is then available on your mobile and on the server.

You will be able to upload it to your Video replay space for recruiters to watch it delayed.

Selected by more than 45 clubs from around the world of all levels

“The SIL concept is very interesting for us in the new players recruitment. The platform is very simple to use and allows us to have precious details on the quality of the targeted players”

Xavier Audergon
Gk Coach of Mobile RAMS