Empower your players and your scout network

SIL gives you visibility and time savings while facilitating the work of scouts.

Introduce yourself and your players effectively

On your SIL profile and those of your players, fill in all the information and publish the videos of their best actions before sharing the broadcast of their matches live with the right contacts.

Profile page ready to find a club on SIL platform of recruitment and detection of football

Become the first media of your players

With your smartphone or tablet, stream live player matchs from your “Live” space. Multiply their chances of being detected by the best clubs.

Broadcasting with SILMe app to help you find a club in your recruitment and detection process

Facilitate the mission of scouts and create a relationship of trust

By broadcasting your players matchs, give the Scouts an objective view of their levels. You will start a relationship of trust.

Discover new talents

Watch the matchs of the players without agent. SIL gives you the opportunity to expand your players portfolio.

club scouts around the world can supervise by watching match live in their process on the platform of detection and recruitment of football