Optimize your recruitment process

Do you receive too many videos of players that do not match your current needs?
Experience a recruitment process that optimizes your travel time and costs:
With the broadcast of live football matches, SIL will provide you with the means to supervise new talent around the world, with just a few clicks, free of charge and 24 hours a day.

Quickly find the right players for your first team and your youth teams

Find and discover new players based on their levels and geographic locations. With the SIL market place, keep yourself informed of all recruitment opportunities on the entire network.

All SIL features to make it unique for the platform of recruitment and detection of football

Manage your network and recruiting processes more simply

Contact the players or their agents and centralize your exchanges on our internal messaging.
Watch the matches live, contact the players or their agents, send your contracts from a dedicated and secure space.

Publish your needs on the Market

Inform the entire network of your player needs by describing your ideal profile. SIL will bring you a considerable source of talents.