We connect your sports TV channel with local brands

Broadcast the events of your sports club in collaboration with local brands.

Your club own TV

Fast revenue generation

Generate revenues quickly from your sports club TV channel:

  • Advertising revenue with sponsor slots and display programmatic.
  • Crowdfunding solution to solicit your global network for financing specific sports project.
  • Donation button to be rewarded by your community for the quality of production of your TV channel.
  • Activate your own commercial partnerships and value up your next contracts thanks to your own TV channel

Valorization of your club

Share your club’s season with your city fans and the whole world.

  • Make out your club identity through the stream of your events and get immediate exposure to local advertisers and potential new talents for your team.
  • You can rely on your Facebook, Twitter and others social networks to value up your SILtv channel.

Succeed your season with SILtv

Turn your audience into community

With your TV channel, viewable from your website and from SILtv, turn your public into qualified audience across a community.

Catch new audiences

Your regular video live streams will allow you to grow your community among fans and your sport stakeholders.

Grow your club’s income

Develop the financial autonomy of your club while promoting your sport and athletes.

Succeed your local marketing with SILtv

Thanks to the geographical targeting provided by SILtv channels, reach your future customers in the desired city and or village. Our programmatic display solution will allow your brand and products to be visible on both live and on replay events. All this with a low cost and a guaranteed ROI