Experiment a new way to show your talent and find a club

With SIL, to contact the scouts and agents, to show the videos of your best actions, then get detected in live and find a club becomes easier.
Fill in your information to help you to find a club and for recruitment and detection of football talents

Present yourself and your characteristics effectively

On your SIL profile, fill in all your information and publish the videos of your best actions before sharing the broadcast of your match live with the right contacts.

Become your own media

With a smartphone or tablet, broadcast your maths live, from your “Live” space.
If you don’t have an agent or other intermediary, manage with your family or best friend to film and record your entire performance from your SIL account.

Broadcasting with SILMe app to help you find a club in your recruitment and detection process

Fill in your profile, we value it

SIL values ​​your skills. After the broadcast of your first match live, a report from our teams will highlight your assets. Your profile will be valued.

Maintain your relations, simplify your exchanges

Cultivate your reational and update your space by showing your latest benefits to your network. Thanks to our internal messaging, you will be able to exchange in real time with agents and recruiters.