SILMe, your live video broadcasting mobile app

With SILMe, start recording your sport events from your smartphone or tablet. Your matchs live are automatically broadcasted to your SIL channel. Your videos are then directly available on your Channel for viewing on demand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use SIL whatever my game level?

SIL is dedicated to amateur players and professional aspirants. You can find recruiters of amateur and professional clubs.

How to broadcast my matchs in live on SIL?

To broadcast your match, first you have to subscribe to a package or buy broadcast times.
Then your can download SILMe app on your smartphone or tablet, login and click on record to start filming your match which will be broadcasted in live on your SIL channel.

I am a player, how to broadcast my matchs on SIL?

Once you have subscribed to a package or buy broadcast times, you can download SILMe App. Before your match day you can ask someone you trust (family or best friend) to film with your device during your performance.

Do I have to wait for a Scout to ask me to broadcast my match in live?

No, you can broadcast a live first to allow SIL’s video analyst to report on your skills and attributes.
During your broadcast you have to know all Scouts can watch you. Usually, Scouts prefers to supervise in secret.

I am a player, how to attract the attention of recruiters?

The first thing is to correctly inform your profile.
Main topics as Personnal, Current Situation and Stats must be completed to make Scouts know maximum informations about you.
Then you can add your video presentation and schedule a live broadcasting.

I am Intermediary, can i use SIL?

Yes, if you represent just one player you can subscribe with a Player package.
If you work for many players, you should subscribe with Agent package.

I am Agent, how to create my players portfolio?

Once you have informed your agent profile, you have to access ‘Manage Players’ in the left menu. Than, you can click on ‘Create a Group’ and edit it.

I am Agent, how to add a Player in my portolio?

Once you have informed your agent profile, you can return to the pricing page to subscribe to a Player Free plan and create your player’s profile. Then you can log into your agent profile and add your player by sending him an invitation from your Group available in your Players menu.